Saturday, December 09, 2006

Art Theorists’ Workshop
State Museum of Contemporary Art, THESSALONIKI
22 – 24 September 2006

Visit of the exhibition “Crossing the borders” at the Moni Lazariston and Warehouse 1, Port of Thessaloniki.
Brief presentation of the project “Visual arts in Greece” by the president of the Board of Trustees, Mr. George Tsaras. Concept, content, goals, perspectives.
Criticism of the project. Views of the participants
The role of public institutions and private agents in the formation and promotion of contemporary art.
National contemporary art scenes in a globalized, post-national surroundings. The issue of locality
Experience of similar projects in other European countries and U.S.A.
Proposals for the formation of a “national policy” for contemporary culture.

Photos: State Museum of Contemporary Art at Kolokotroni and at the harbour/ Henry meyric Hughes (AICA International President), Efi Strusa (AICA Hellas President).

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